Age Divisions:

Boys and girls ages 5 to 16 are eligible to join the Eagles and compete in one of five divisions: Sub Gremlin, Gremlin, Bantam, Midget, Youth, or Intermediate. An athlete's age division is determined by his or her age as of December 31st of the year of the track and field season (for example, December 31, 2018 for the 2018 season).
Group Ages Years of Birth Division
Lower Divisions 5 to 6 2012-2013 Sub-Gremlin
7 to 8 2010-2011 Gremlin
9 to 10 2008-2009 Bantam
Upper Divisions 11 to 12 2006-2007 Midget
13 to 14 2004-2005 Youth
15 to 16 2002-2003 Intermediate

How to Join:

Athletes who competed in our 2018 Track & Field Season need not reregister for 2018 Cross Country. Just pay fees per below schedule online thru PayPal, check by mail, or at Practice. New athletes need to download required documents as listed below and along with the registration fees, turn in by one of the below listed options.

Required Documents:

The following documents are required to ensure your athlete has a position on the team:
  1. Completed Track & Field Player Contract
  2. Executed Code of Conduct/Medical Waiver Form
  3. A Photocopy of one of the following for Proof of Birth:
    • Birth Certificate (Not the one from the hospital)
    • Military Birth Certificate
    • Passport
    • Foreign Birth Document or Green Card
    • School Record with documented date of birth
    • Court Decree
    • Valid California Identification Card

2018 Registration Fees:

The registration fee includes all meet ribbons, year-end trophy, picnic, refundable $50.00 per family volunteer deposit, and 10 raffle tickets per athlete valued $50.00 which can either be kept to enter themselves in the season ending raffle at the awards picnic or sell at face value and reimburse the $50.00 for each book sold back to themselves.
*An addintional 3% convience fee applys for online paypal transactions.

Additional fees apply for online transactions

Sibling Athletes in Family Registration with No Uniform Registration with Uniform
First $200.00*
Second, Third, etc. $165.00

Note: During the first two (2) weeks of practice the West Valley Eagles will give a full refund. No refund will be given to any athlete who drops from team after this time.

If Paying by check, Please make all checks payable to "West Valley Eagles Track Club". A $35.00 fee will be assessed for all returned checks.

Volunteer Deposit

The Eagles are a 501-C3 non-profit organization that relies on volunteers to get things done. Included in each athlete's registration fee is a $25 per family volunteer deposit, which you can earn back by volunteering a total of four (4) hours during the 2016 season. Once you have contributed your volunteer time, you can fill out a Funds Directive, requesting a refund or that your funds be contributed to the "Jack Dawson Scholarship" for deserving high school seniors who have run with the Eagles. If you do not complete a Funds Directive, by no later than 7 days prior the team awards bar-b-que, your deposit will be deemed a donation to the scholarship fund. The Treasurer will provide refund checks at the picnic.

The required paperwork (for new athletes) is available at practice, sign-ups, or you can download and fill out the forms below and submit them, along with the proof of birth and fees by:

Online/Walk-Up Registration:

  • Fill out & submit the online “Player Contract” to Team Manager, Jessica Carew at prior to start of August 1st. After August 1,you can either email Jessica the paperwork or give to her at practice.
  • Fill out & submit the online “Code of Conduct/Medical Waiver Form" as stipulated in the above paragraph
  • Email copy of proof of birth or bring photocopy to proactice. (see type of approved documents towards top of page under "Required Documents".
  • Pay registration fee above thru PayPal (3% convienence fee applys) or bring Check payable to:
    West Valley Eagles Track Club(NO CASH) to your first practice.
    VERY IMPORTANT .... If the check has a differenent last name then the child/children running... please put the child's/children's name(s) on the check's message line.
  • Or, Print a copy of all, sign, and mail above documents along with a Check payaable to:
    "West Valley Eagles Track Club" NO CASH to: West Valley Eagles Track Club, P.O. Box 5030, West Hills, CA 91307
Registration for each athlete is complete only after all required documents are signed and fees paid.